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About me

Plumbing & Heating
I qualified as a plumber with City & Guilds in 1986, worked as self employed for a while and then went to work for a local authority where I remained until 1995. I was at this point the foreman and was responsible for supervising the work of other trades as well.
At some point in 1995 I decided to take a break from plumbing & heating, and I embarked on a course of study that would see me obtain a Hons degree in Fine art from Cardiff. Following this I spent a year as the VP (Communications) at the student union where I spent most of my time editing the student union magazine. To this day I think (I could be wrong here) that I am the only art student to ever gain a position on the student union at what was the University of Wales Institute Cardiff and I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent.
After completing my year with the student union I then took a post graduate degree in teaching and began a career as a teacher of art in the secondary school sector. At the age of 55 I decided that I needed to make a lifestyle change for family reasons and I left full time teaching to 'return' to plumbing, although in effect I hadn't really been away from it as I managed to earn extra income, while I was a student, by doing plumbing work at weekends and I have continued to work for friends whilst employed as a teacher.
I still work as a supply teacher, although I 'Officially' retire from that in August as i will have reached the age of 60 and, I also work as an artist/photographer/web designer when I can but most of my 'spare' time is focussed on learning (and teaching) kendo or iaido which has become something of an addiction for me since I gave up Judo/ju-jitsu and Karate 10 years ago, after nearly 20 years of practice. This year I take my 4th dan exam and I have been practicing hard so maybe I'll be successful; the standards are high.

City and Guilds Craft Certificate 596-1
- This relates to just about all plumbing work that might be required in a domestic situation.

Gas Safe - I am currently registered with Gas Safe Register to work on Gas boilers, cooking ranges, all types of domestic gas fires, water heaters, and pipework

OFTEC 101, 105e, and 600a - These qualifications mean that I can install and service your oil fired boilers, and install new oil storage tanks, if necessary.
My OFTEC technicians number is 31773

DUVHW - I am qualified to work on unvented domestic hot water systems by virtue of the fact that I have taken the course, and subsequent exam that is set by the NICEIC. I am not registered with this organisation. I use their courses and exam structure as a way of validating my qualifications and continuing my professional development.

WRAS - As with all plumbers, Heating Engineers, and anyone that works with domestic water installation, I have taken and passed the Water Regulations (1999) exam and I am legally qualified to work on your domestic water supply.

Ciphe - This is my professional organisation and I am proud to be an associate member. My registration number is 016541H and you can check it here. Just type my number into the 'Membership Number' field and click verify

CRB - If you have read the section abut me above then you will realise that I have to be subjected to an enhanced CRB check just so that I can work in the education sector, which I have been doing for the last 12 years. This also benefits you as my customer because you can rest assured that I have been thoroughly checked out by the police and the Criminal Records Bureau.